Syntaxis Mathematica

steel, public art installation [link]
Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

‘Syntaxis Mathematica’ is the Latin translation of a treatise that has the rare distinction of being the longest scientific text in use in human history. It is credited to an Astronomer named Ptolemy, and was used to predict the motion of the planets and stars for over a thousand years, until the Copernican Revolution. ‘Syntaxis Mathematica’ is credited with determining Astronomy as a Science. Even though Ptolemy was incorrect in his hypothesis that the Earth was located in the center of the Universe, he helped develop a system that explained the celestial sphere’s motions made of orbits consisting of perfect circles, that included yet another perfect circle, called an epicycle, within that motion.

Anyone who loves circles that much, we can truly respect.

Texas Tech University System Public Art Collection, installed August 30th, 2016