New site for a new Jon

Jon Whitfill has a new, shiny, fast, responsive website. It can look a bunch of different ways, but the content (such as these words and images) will stay on this Post.


~Yes, this is a post, a short blog page that I usually use for news or events or something. Pages are the menu categories that we use to divide up and feature more permanent content, like “resume” or “about” pages.

_ _ _

Ok, so POSTS can also ‘publicize’ your activity. We can connect it to your Facebook so every time you publish a page it posts it automatically to your wall. Also, notice the little ‘social media sharing’ buttons below. So, people can instantly post your POST to their twitter feed or whatever.

We can also allow ‘comments’ or ‘disable comments’ for each post. Which lets other people post on your website. (I don’t allow this anymore.) If you scroll down further you will see an area for this.

Below is also the ‘metadata’ stuff that you ‘tag’ words or put posts into a ‘category’ such as art, events, thoughts, awards, or writing.

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