SteamPunk1Whitfill received a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Texas Tech University in 2006, following a Bachelor of Science with a focus in Biology and Chemistry from Wayland Baptist University in 2000. Whitfill exhibits his work primarily in his native Texas habitat, but has also exhibited nationally and internationally, spanning seventeen states, France and China. He is a founder of many artist-run collaborative organizations including the RJP Nomadic Gallery, Earthbound Moon, Culture Laboratory Collective, The Button Project, and the Free Range Creatives. In addition to his work as an artist and sculptor, he currently teaches AP Physics, Astronomy, and coaches Chess at Estacado High School in Lubbock Texas.

In the early years of my schooling I decided what I was going to be – a Renaissance Man. It seemed the logical choice – master of all trades. What I didn’t know was that there isn’t much of a job market in modern times for such a man. I have been a Bar Tender, Tire repair man, EMT, College Instructor, Chess Coach, Fire Fighter, Entomologist, Gas Chromatograph technician, and am currently a High School AP Physics teacher and an Artist. Of all of these, the latter is where my passion has been the most profound, and where I have dedicated the majority of my energy.